Lauren Elliott, MA

Founder & CEO, Candlelit Therapy

About me

Lauren Elliott is an experienced public health professional, researcher and trained journalist with over 10 years of experience in covering state-level politics, healthcare marketing and community engagement. She had to quickly become an advocate for her well-being after the emergency birth of her son and now dedicates her time to being the much-needed advocate for all moms at a higher risk of complications during pregnancy and after childbirth. She founded Candlelit Therapy to serve as a safe space where Black mothers could receive better behavioral healthcare options, treatment and resources.


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Director of Behavioral Health Services, CareFirst, BCBS

Jessica DiVento, PsyD

YouTube Chief Mental Health Advisor, Google

Eric Bailly

Business Solutions Director of SUD Strategy, Anthem, Inc.

Marjorie Morrison

President & CEO, Psych Hub

Julia Bernstein

GM of Platform, Thirty Madison

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