Topher Jerome, BA

Lived Experience Advisory Board Chair, Jaspr Health; Project Director, Harborview BHI

About me

As the Lived Experience Advisory Board Chair at Jasper Health (www.jasprhealth.com) and Project Director for Harborview Behavioral Health Institute (BHI), Topher brings a lifetime of relevant experience to his work. As a Project Director at the BHI, Topher implemented and manages the Emergency Response for Suicide Prevention program for emergency departments and inpatient psychiatric settings in WA State. This program combines post crisis peer support with the use of the Jaspr Health app. Prior to this, Topher spent 12 years developing, implementing and supervising a variety of peer support programs in intensive psychiatric settings. This includes the implementation of Peer Bridger programs in two publicly funded hospital psychiatric programs in Washington State and serving as part of the leadership team for a community behavioral health agency. In addition, Topher has over 15 years experience in information technology as a project manager, web developer, and as an analyst and educator in clinical information systems. As a multiple suicide attempt survivor himself, Topher brings a personal commitment to his work in suicide prevention. Topher can be reached at: topherj@gmail.com


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