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Terence M. Penn

PhD Candidate | Clinical Fellow, Harvard Medical School | Massachusetts General Hospital

About Me

Dr. Terence Penn is a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA) with an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School. His academic research broadly examined minority health disparities, with a focus on the biological, psychological, and social (i.e., biopsychosocial) mechanisms contributing to increased pain and disability among racial/ethnic minorities with chronic pain. Clinically, he provides individual and group therapy for patients with a broad range of psychiatric issues that interfere with medical recovery.

Dr. Penn is the recipient of a number of awards including the inaugural Redford Williams Health Equity Student Research Excellence Award (Society of Behavioral Medicine) and the Outstanding Graduate Student Scholastic Achievement Award (The University of Alabama at Birmingham).

Outside of work, Terence serves as a volunteer for Take This, a non-profit that aims to decrease stigma and increase support for mental health in games.



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