What is Happening in Collaborative Care?

Published on:
July 15, 2021

Collaborative care has been taking off lately in behavioral health. In fact, many speakers at our conference talked about how they are launching new Collaborative Care initiatives, including Dr. Udall from Ginger, Dr. Benders-Hadi from Doctor on Demand, Spencer Hutchins, CEO from Concert Health, Ken Fasola from Magellan Health, and finally, Chris Molaro, CEO from NeuroFlow.

What is collaborative care anyway?

Collaborative Care Management (CCoM) is an evidenced-based model proven to improve behavioral health conditions such as depression and anxiety within the primary care setting. Because there is significant drop-off between a PCP making a referral to a behavioral health specialist and the patient actually being able to see that behavioral health specialist, many virtual care providers are finding ways to implement some version of CCoM into their solutions to address that gap.

For example, one of our GDBHT partners, NeuroFlow, is a digital health company combining workflow automation, patient engagement solutions and services, and applied AI to promote behavioral health integration in all care settings. NeuroFlow’s suite of services and HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based tools simplify remote patient monitoring, improve risk stratification, and facilitate collaborative care.

Why is now the time for Collaborative Care Management (CoCM?)

"Healthcare is at last acknowledging that behavioral health is not in a silo- it not only impacts but is directly correlated to physical health.  The clinical and financial benefits of CoCM have been proven repeatedly in the past in addressing this integration. Now, an increased adoption of digital health tools to facilitate the model combined with skyrocketing demand for behavioral health create a unique - and timely - opportunity for mass adoption of the integrated model in our healthcare system.” - Chris Molaro, CEO, NeuroFlow.

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