Engagement and Relationships Are the Keys to Activation and Behavior Change

Published on:
April 21, 2022

Member engagement is a crucial component to achieving positive outcomes for patients. There’s a reason why payers value this statistic so highly. Members must be engaged in the care they are receiving if they are going to change behaviors and reach positive outcomes. If they are not engaged, new solutions may remain unused or underutilized.

Another influential part of quality care is the relationship between the member and the provider (you know we talk quite a bit about therapeutic alliances around here!). A good relationship between the two may look different for each member, depending on what they value most. Some patients may value the use of plain, jargon-free language so they can better understand their provider. Others may seek validation.

mPulse Mobile addresses these two key pieces by measuring and optimizing their Conversational AI platform. mPulse recently interviewed me(!!!) about promoting mental well-being and health literacy by leveraging technology. And now the roles are reversed!!... I sat down with the mPulse team and asked a few questions about their recent collaboration, their member engagement, and actionable conversations. Join us in the blog for another exclusive interview with a key leader in member engagement:

You recently acquired HealthCrowd!  What has come out of this partnership in the early months, and what is to come? 

 Through our new collaboration, we have enriched our use of an omnichannel communication platform to connect payers, providers, and health systems to their members and patients. Through digital-first health engagement, we combine the power of our conversational AI platform, streaming health education and deep expertise, to deliver personalized health experiences and improve health outcomes. 

We have united to strengthen our shared mission of improving health outcomes through market leading health engagement solutions. Together we have unmatched health engagement capabilities that transform how healthcare organizations improve both outcomes and the consumer experience through digital touchpoints, at-scale. 

Our teams bring a combined passion and deep expertise in designing and delivering health engagement solutions that unlock enormous value for our healthcare customers. Through this union, we have more resources to deliver an even better service to our customers that retains our focus on innovation, agility and close collaboration.

Over the past few months, we have been focused on identifying the best practices and our most impactful capabilities. This discipline will allow us to optimize our offerings to bring the market even more impactful engagement solutions.

Why is it important to measure member engagement to optimize your platform? 

Every member engages differently, so it’s integral to understand which channels are effective with which members, and where you may need to optimize, adjust or give more nudges. Today’s health care consumers have more choices, greater accountability and a wealth of information at their fingertips. They want their health care experience to be simple, personalized and convenient — anytime, anywhere. 

Member engagement is the foundation of payer success. With so much at stake, how do we know that our engagement tactics are making the mark?

Innovative engagement technology, complete with accurate measurement, enables continued improvement of engagement. Payers should count on engagement technology that provides reporting which illustrates what is impactful for member programs to achieve best practice member retention and satisfaction, improved health outcomes and cost reduction. 

How does your Conversational AI platform initiate actionable conversation?

 mPulse’s Behavioral Data Science team and Conversational AI platform combine the acumen and automation to intelligently tailor conversations to build stronger, more impactful relationships with members and patients. Natural, plain-language conversations create understanding and trust. This trust makes people more likely to take key actions to improve their health and help payers reach their organizational goals.

Relationships are the key to activation and behavior change that ultimately drives positive outcomes. It's also about data and insights. That's how we get to know the consumer and honor their preference.

We have patented technology that facilitates this key differentiator. mPulse partners with more than 150 healthcare organizations including 9 out of 10 of the nation's largest payers and many local and regional plans. We have engaged more than 50 million consumers with 1 billion automated conservations each year.

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