Mark Douglas

Co-Founder and Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, Happy

About me

Mark's background is diverse, holding several leadership positions which include at Aetna: Executive Director, Head of Innovation and Population Health and Deputy to the Chief Medical Officer. He also practiced as a health law attorney at Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman P.C., served as a family nurse practitioner delivering care to the underserved and worked as a critical care nurse.

Mark is an established healthcare executive, provider, tech innovator and policy expert with 20+ years experience leading national programs and strategic initiatives. His focus is on delivering value and making the healthcare system work for those most in need including the homeless and those receiving Medicaid and Medicare. He has been fortunate to implement several transformative initiatives working with talented teams dedicated to re-thinking what is possible in health care. Key activities include designing next generation care delivery and coordination models to improve cost savings, achieve quality targets and expand equitable access to fully integrated care.

Highlights from his work include the development of successful programs such as value-based payment, PCMH/health homes, community-based models, next generation population health and analytics solutions for both provider and managed care organizations. His current focus is on expanding opportunities to develop partnerships aligning new economy models and digital technology for payers, providers/ACOs, community organizations, start-ups and state governments.

These efforts feature incorporating real-time data sharing platforms tied to population health, social determinants and care management along with cutting edge mobile and digital tools such as remote patient monitoring and telehealth. Using these tools, the goal is to support collaborative workflows that optimize resource allocation and enhance risk identification in a manner that tailors care to the needs of each individual and family emphasizing prevention and wellness.

Mark Douglas

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