Tammy Smith

Director of Healthy Results, Indiana University Health and IU Health Plans

About me

Tammy Smith is the Director of Healthy Results®, the nationally recognized employee wellness program for Indiana University Health and IU Health Plans. With a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Indiana University, a WellCoaches®certification and over 25 years of experience in healthcare and wellness, she brings passion, expertise, and commitment to improving health behaviors and quality of life. She is proud to work for IU Health, an organization committed to leadership in well-being and health improvement for team members and Indiana communities. For more than thirteen years, she has helped to strategically evolve a “home grown program” into one that’s innovative, engaging and outcomes-driven.  Tammy empowers her team to think creatively about new ways to make wellness accessible and impactful. She is proud of how Healthy Results is collaborating with larger system initiatives, such as Population Health, Community Health, and Behavioral Health, directly impacting patients and surrounding communities.

Tammy Smith

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