Anum Ali, LPC, NCC

Blended Care Therapist, Lyra Health

About Me

Anumbano (Anum) Ali has a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision. Anum works as a therapist at a mental health tech company, leveraging innovative technology to provide effective and accessible mental health support to individuals. Her work in the tech industry allows her to merge her passion for counseling with the possibilities of digital platforms, creating a transformative therapeutic experience. In addition to her role in the tech industry, Anum owns a private practice, where she offers individualized psychotherapy services. Through her private practice, she creates a safe and nurturing environment that fosters growth and healing for clients.

As a Clinical Supervisor at Parris Foundation, Anum provides valuable guidance and support to aspiring counselors, ensuring the delivery of ethical and high-quality clinical services. She conducts assessments, offers constructive feedback, and facilitates professional growth among supervisees.

Anum also contributes to the field of counseling through her involvement with the Journal of Professional Counseling, where she serves on the editorial team. Her role involves reviewing and providing technical checks for valuable research and knowledge, helping to shape the discourse and advancement of the counseling profession.

Additionally, Anum serves as the Communications Committee Co-chair at the Texas Counseling Association, spearheading effective communication strategies and information dissemination among association members and the counseling community at large. She plays a pivotal role in developing and executing comprehensive communication plans, showcasing professional development opportunities and valuable resources for counselors in Texas.

With a passion for utilizing digital platforms to enhance counseling initiatives, Anum is a Social Media Content Developer for the International Association for Counselling. She leverages strategic planning, creativity, and social media trends to engage and elevate the association's online presence, reaching a global audience and amplifying the organization's mission.

Furthermore, Anum serves as a Mental Health Board Member for the Southwest region at a community-based institution. In this role, she actively contributes to the development of mental health programs and initiatives, ensuring the provision of accessible and culturally sensitive resources to individuals seeking support within the community.

Anum aims to shape a brighter future for mental health and well-being through technology, research, and advocacy.


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