Kacie Kelly

Chief Innovation Officer, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

About Me

Kacie Kelly has 20 years of experience with leading innovation in mental health care and translating it into policy and practice.  In her role as Chief Innovation Officer at the Meadows Institute, she focuses on opportunities to integrate scalable, data driven innovation into healthcare, schools, justice, and community systems to detect mental health risk earlier and increase access to quality care for more youth and adults.  Additionally, she works to harness the power of public and private partnerships to advance innovative funding models that incentivize best practices in mental health care delivery and seeks opportunities to integrate technology into the systems of care to accelerate adoption of high quality solutions and optimize workforce demands.

Prior to joining the Institute, Kacie served as the Director for Health & Wellbeing at the George W. Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative where she advanced innovative outcome-based solutions for mental and brain health challenges through partnerships, collaboration, and alignment among national and international stakeholders including the Bush Institute’s Veteran Wellness Alliance and the Stand To Health & Wellbeing Task Force.  Kacie spent 15 years leading ground-breaking mental health and suicide prevention initiatives at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  During that time, she established public-private partnership programs, led national systems transformation initiatives on innovative care models and directed outreach efforts to reduce stigma associated with mental health.  Kacie earned her bachelor’s degree and her Master of Health Sciences from Louisiana State University and has a Graduate Certificate in Women in Public Policy and Politics from the University of Massachusetts.


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