Monika Roots, MD, FAPA

Co-founder and President, Bend Health

About Me

As the Co-Founder and President of Bend Health, Dr. Roots is passionate about improving mental health outcomes and access through innovative solutions and partnerships. She is a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Member of the APA Committee on Innovation. She has over 16 years of experience in the field of psychiatry, with a focus on child and adolescent populations.

Dr. Roots has a proven track record of leading and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to develop and implement evidence-based and user-centric mental health interventions. She has co-founded and served as the VP of Health Services of Teladoc and created this behavioral health line of business, Chief Medical Officer of several behavioral health startups, such as CogCubed, Sanvello, and Chief Psychiatric Officer Psych Hub, where she leveraged her expertise in gamification, telehealth, mental health education and digital therapeutics. She has also contributed to the advancement of the mental health field through her publications, patents, and media appearances. She is a graduate of Carleton College, received her M.D. from University of Sint Eustatius, and completed her residency and fellowship at the University of Minnesota.


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