Rachel Kotok Goldberg

Vice President, Product Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, NovaWell

About Me

Rachel Kotok Goldberg is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Product Innovation for NovaWell. Rachel received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was a Hillman Scholar. Rachel is a registered nurse and started her clinical career as a labor & delivery nurse at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

NovaWell is behavioral health reimagined and was born out of the success of Horizon Healthcare Services's behavioral health program. Led by the team that drove transformation at Horizon, including Rachel, NovaWell aims to help other health plans achieve similar results.

Rachel leads Product Innovation & Strategic Partnerships at NovaWell, where she created and launched NovaConnect: a unique virtual front door allowing direct access to a curated ecosystem of adult and pediatric innovative, evidence-based behavioral health solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with clinically effective treatment, while immediately expanding access for individuals who need support. Rachel joined Horizon BCBSNJ in July 2017 to support the strategic direction and development of Horizon’s behavioral health capabilities, programs and services. She led efforts to develop the continuum of service – an innovative and strategic approach to ensure members have access to the appropriate behavioral health services and treatment at all stages of acuity ranging from brain health and wellness to serious mental illness – which laid the groundwork for NovaConnect. In October 2021, Rachel was named one of thirteen Emerging Leaders in the United States by Managed Healthcare Executive Magazine for her work at Horizon.

Prior to joining Horizon BCBSNJ, Rachel served as the Associate Vice President of Quality & Compliance at ComplexCare Solutions (CCS), a supplier of in-home risk adjustment assessments and care management interventions for health plan clients across the country.

As a registered nurse with experience in direct patient care, health care management and the evolving field of health tech, Rachel understands the value of holistic care, the importance of innovation and the need to treat behavioral health conditions like any other chronic disease. She is proud to work at NovaWell, an organization that is committed to reducing stigma and empowering health plans to care for their members in an integrated approach.


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