Arbaaz Karim

Co-founder of Mentall

Who or what is your inspiration?

The world around me inspires me everyday. I learn from every person I speak to, pay attention to every surrounding I encounter, and reflect on the experiences I am blessed to have. It can be as simple as the way light passes through a tree on a windy day or as elaborate as meeting with a Nobel-prize winning professor.

One thing you would like to see changed in mental or behavioral health care?

I want to see all organizations (schools, corporations, nonprofits, etc.) implement a curated mental health program. People spend roughly 1/3 of their lives in school or at work, so it only makes sense that school and work encapsulate a significant portion of wellbeing, mentally and physically. The only logical place to start is by first identifying who needs help and what help they need, data that Mentall is able to capture.

What is your superpower?

I can analyze a situation very quickly. While sometimes I wish this translated to something like a math problems, it instead manifests in real-life situations with moving pieces. A recent example of this is after sending over 1000 emails to different university officials to hear our pitch on Mentall this summer. I proposed to my team trying to shift our target pilot market from only universities to a more broad group of organizations with similar hierarchical structures such as sororities or school clubs. My team disagreed with me at that moment, but today Mentall is working with 10 sororities in addition to piloting at Babson College this coming spring. I have yet to diagnose whether this is just having a good “gut” feeling but I like to tell myself it is a developed skill.


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