Audra Brulc

Community Initiatives Coordinator at Healthy Minds Policy Initiative

Who or what is your inspiration?

I am inspired by the courage and tenacity of the LGBTQ+ community. Our history is full of leaders and visionaries who prove that empathy, creativity, and joy can never be extinguished, even when we face obstacles that seem insurmountable.

One thing you would like to see changed in mental or behavioral health care?

I would like to see the full continuum of mental health care better reflect the understanding that social and political determinants of health drastically impact our long-term wellbeing. I believe mental health care can and must be even more collaborative and client-centered, which will require turning a critical eye to the ways systems of oppression, including the medical system itself, contribute to mental health challenges.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is my creativity. My desire to create allows me to share things I'm passionate about, helps make sense of the world around me, and fills my life with things that bring me joy, from crocheted wall art to wonky clay earrings


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