Bruny Kenou

Co-Founder of DukeLine, Founder of the Lay Mental Health Advocates

Who or what is your inspiration?

I am inspired by my mentors who continue to push me to come out of my comfort zone in order to do the things that I feel will turn my passions into impact. I want to thank Dr. Nancy Zucker for seeing these passions and pushing me to find solutions through scientific exploration, outside-the box thinking, and continue to expand my ways of empathy.

One thing you would like to see changed in mental or behavioral health care?

I would love to see an emphasis on expanding safety net programs and wrap around programs for those impacted by behavioral health issues. We understand that real solutions for lowering disparities have to happen alongside understanding the holistic impacts of these disparities. With the advent of technology, which could make healthcare more accessible for those who often struggle for equitable access, thinking through ways to expand access to technologies could also be a way to address disparities.

What is your superpower?

I think my continued curiosity paired with my willingness to be authentically myself are my superpowers. I believe authenticity protects against burn out because it allows you to follow and find your purpose in almost anything you do. But in order to find your purpose, you have to do some experimenting and have an open mind. I'm excited to see where this superpower will take me.


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