Jorge Alvarez

Social Impact Strategist and Mental Health Advocate

Who or what is your inspiration?

My younger self is my first inspiration. Most of what I have spoken about or advocated for has been for my younger self who struggled with depression and severe anxiety but felt helpless and not seen. My second inspiration is my community. Community is and always has been one of my biggest inspirations. Whether that be serving my community and those who identify with one or more parts of my identity or lived experience navigating mental illness and mental health challenges or honoring my community which includes my ancestors, parents, friends, and all of the amazing people in my life who have celebrated me or actively choose to believe in me even when I have struggled to do so.

One thing you would like to see changed in mental or behavioral health care?

If there was one thing that could change in mental health care, it would be for providers across fields and specialties to adopt a more compassionate and intersectional public health lens when working with people. Seeing them as a person above all else, rather than as a case study or for their symptoms alone. Gen Z, especially, have a deep desire to receive care that is intentional and holistic as we are eager to be understood for all that we feel as we are manage never before seen circumstances like climate change and navigate through a world where progress can sometimes feel as though it is being reversed before our very eyes.

What is your superpower?

Empathy and my ability to connect with others is my superpower both in my mental health advocacy & storytelling and beyond. Not only are these qualities part of what led me into my mental health advocacy journey in the first place but they are what allow me to be the best peer, friend, son, partner, and overall person that I can be.


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