Maddie Freeman

Founder of NoSo November

Who or what is your inspiration?

Tristan Harris has been an inspiration to me since I started my work in the field of educating folks on social media's addictive design. I have always looked up to him for his guest speaking capabilities, his deep expertise and intelligence, and his charisma. I look up to him as a leader, and I aspire to be as big of a changemaker as him someday. Additionally, I am inspired by those I have lost, for their kindness, creativity, and ability to put a smile on anyone's face. The work I do every single day is in honor of my lovely friends who struggled so much that they could not be here anymore.

One thing you would like to see changed in mental or behavioral health care?

I would like to see suicide emergency services be more effective and less traumatizing. It's such a big upheaval to change the system, but it's so important that when someone is in a suicidal crisis, they get empathetic care and support rather than traumatizing police encounters.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is resilience and drive. I have had many dark struggles in my past, and I have the unique capability to use those struggles as a form of motivation to make a change in the world. I am so passionate about helping others thrive and overcome their own mental health struggles, which in turn helps me stay mentally healthy and happy.


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