Makayla Boney


Who or what is your inspiration?

My inspiration is God. I know a lot of people would say there parents or a celebrity. However, God has gotten me through way more than I could have imagined. Everyday I wake up I thank him for giving me a chance to start a new day. His the reason I am here alive and blessed with the family, friends, and opportunities I have had. I been through so many trails and tribulations and through every one his got me through. I don’t deserve to have him when I make so many mistakes but he forgives me. Time and time again and it’s a mystery to why. I inspire to have his love for people which is something difficult to do. I inspire to be slow to anger but quick to love. He is my light in the darkness. God will forever be my inspiration and hope.

One thing you would like to see changed in mental or behavioral health care?

One thing I would like to see change in mental and behavioral health is the negative opinions when it comes to mental health. There are many millennials who have kids but don’t see therapy as necessary or are just now transitioning to the thought of getting therapy, self-care, etc. My peers has so much build of trauma from our parents or personal lives. So many of us have mental health issues that we’re still trying to figure out and cope with. People don’t understand how dire mental health is. It can sneak up on. It’s an invisible wall that you never notice is there, it can become prominent issues in your life like sleeping, working, negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, and so many more. Mental health is such an important factor in our every day lives, and it’s a scary factor as well. When people live carelessly about there mental health it can develops years and months and days overtime without anyone noticing that there’s a problem. Since the pandemic suicides and mental illness have risen. There are some organizations and social media platforms that have become more self aware of how important mental health is. There still tons of work to be done when it comes to mental and behavioral health. Each an everyday there are changes happening to improve the status quote.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is my integrity. I’m a person that people can trust. I do the right thing no matter who’s watching or not. I care for people even when they do wrong. I believe in giving second changes because I know I would want one. Life should be a trade for trade. Help your neighbors and they will to. Honor is one thing I hold dear. I hold honor as one one of the most important definition in life. No matter the circumstance people need to be able to hold you accountable. If know one can count on you than what are you here for. Therefore, my superpower is my integrity because without it, the thin line between right and wrong is nonexistent.


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