Stephen Smith

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NOCD

Who or what is your inspiration?

My family is my inspiration! Every day, I work to hopefully give them the best opportunity to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life

One thing you would like to see changed in mental or behavioral health care?

In behavioral healthcare, I’d like to see improved diagnostic processes. Today, too many people who strike up the courage to seek help don’t receive a comprehensive diagnostic assessment. As a result, they don’t receive evidence-based treatment for their condition. If we fix the “top of the funnel,” we’ll then be able to fix the “bottom of the funnel,” building the specialty networks needed to appropriately serve each segment of the behavioral health population.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is my ability to persevere. If there is an objective that needs to get done, I’ll focus on it 24/7 until it’s done, no matter the obstacle.


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