Meet Dr. Dena Scott, Adolescent Services Coordinator at Headspace Health

"We cannot talk about expanding or improving the emotional wellbeing for all without acknowledging the tremendous need to improve accessibility and engagement in youth mental healthcare. Adolescence is one of the most beautifully complex developmental stages, and is also a demographic for which mental health resources tend to be the most lacking.

Ginger (now Headspace Health) launched our Adolescent Services program in August 2021. In my role as Adolescent Services Coordinator, I have been afforded the opportunity to help launch, implement and ultimately sustain a successful program to meet the unique needs of teens.

We have been focused on developing a teen mental health program that keeps diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and the youth voice at its center. What this means is that we are not interested in developing a youth program with a one-size-fits-all mentality. One of the key focus areas that I am committed to, and that also makes our programming unique, is our Headspace Health Youth Ambassador Program. This program allows a diverse group of teens advisors to bridge youth voices throughout our teen content and programming.

I feel tremendous gratitude as I work with my incredible colleagues on growing a teen program that allows teens and guardians to feel seen, heard and affirmed throughout their mental healthcare journey."

Our Breaking Barriers series is amplifying trailblazers in #behavioralhealth who have worked to expand access to mental health and substance use services through #innovation, #advocacy and/or new #technology.