Meet Dr. Michael Fu MD, MBA, Director of Product & Behavioral Health Strategy at Hazel Health.

Breaking Barriers: Dr. Michael Fu, MD, MBA

"At Hazel, I lead development and scaling of telemedicine-based mental health services for K-12 students in the public education system. My personal North Star in this work is the sight and sound of young people experiencing wholehearted joy.  

Three years ago, our team sought to prove that decades-old logistics and financial barriers should not prevent investment in trustworthy school-based therapy experiences. Health equity requires us to meet these deeper challenges. With the help of many bold champions, Hazel mental health services are now accessible by millions of students across the country - from the islands of Hawai’i to rural farming communities in California to urban centers like Atlanta.  

I am excited that our work has inspired a new, industry-wide belief in school-based telemedicine. In this next chapter, we aim to support more families, strengthen our model, and further expand the ways school-based approaches can reinforce the multi-dimensional and culturally-rooted nature of mental health care."