Meet Erin Sietstra, Head of Investments at Hopelab

“Hopelab strives to help create a world in which young people, in particular BIPOC and LGBTQ+ teens and young adults, are thriving, free from barriers to their mental health and well-being. We take a systems approach, using our unique research and youth-centered design capabilities, our financial capital, and our networks to positively shift the systems impacting youth. We do this through a model of impact investing; advisory services to investees, grantees, and other partner companies and organizations; and development of applied research to innovate in the fields of youth well-being and digital engagement.

I lead Hopelab Ventures, our social impact investing arm. Through Hopelab Ventures we provide investment and partnership to advance social impact, mental health, and well-being outcomes for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ young people. Our portfolio includes solutions for a wide range of mental health challenges and populations, including a number of companies that prioritize BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth, school-based telehealth, and a gold-standard intervention for eating disorders. Hurdle provides culturally intentional teletherapy with a focus on Black patients and other minorities. Hazel Health partners with public schools to eliminate barriers to quality healthcare for all children, addressing both mental and physical health needs. MindRight Health provides trauma-informed and culturally responsive mental health coaching over text messages to youth. Equip makes evidence-based eating disorder care accessible to all people through Family-Based Treatment delivered virtually at home for lasting recovery. Koko detects distress and embeds free digital interventions directly into online platforms, making mental health accessible to everyone. And we are meeting new companies every day tackling issues from anxiety to identity formation to substance use and more.

Please reach out to if you’re working on an innovative solution to improve the mental health and well-being of teens and young adults!”