Meet Hafeezah Muhammad, Founder, and CEO of Youme Healthcare

“I am Hafeezah Muhammad, the Founder, and CEO of Youme Healthcare, a groundbreaking mental health provider that aims to expand health care options for children, adolescents, and their families in response to the mental health crisis in the United States. We have been able to deliver 2500+ sessions to clients and their families with our #mentalhealth services over the last year using telehealth. We focused on improving access to care which resulted in 100% of our clients having insurance with 70%+ of clients on federally funded #insurance, Medicaid.

Our strong approach to providing high levels of care with best practices in therapy, medication management, and ensuring clinicians are providing high levels of care has delivered outcomes where 82% of our clients have seen improvement by their fourth session. Our model of engaging families and their children in individual, group, and parent training sessions, along with medication management, is extremely unique and has expanded mental health care to address not only individual needs, but engages the entire family and community systems that impact children and adolescents including parents, school counselors, social workers, teachers, other clinicians providing care to the family, and medical professionals. 

Youme Healthcare is also working to develop bibliotherapy materials for clients to access virtually during teletherapy sessions and outside of sessions to teach and improve understanding of mental and behavioral health disorders for our children and families of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and cognitive levels.

We have developed a recruiting, credentialing, and onboarding strategy that allows us to start seeing patients in a new state within 90 days of entry.”

Our Breaking Barriers series is amplifying trailblazers in #behavioralhealth who have worked to expand access to mental health and substance use services through #innovation, #advocacy and/or new #technology.