Meet Louise Langheier, Co-Founder and CEO at Peer Health Exchange

"At Peer Health Exchange (PHE), we are building selfsea, a platform by young people for young people for community, identity, and health. PHE began originally twenty years ago when high school students asked local college students to teach health workshops in their school to fill the gap left by budget cuts in health education. We have been growing that school-based work ever since, serving 200,000 youth across the country.

When the pandemic hit, we asked young people what they needed and they charged us with creating a digital platform featuring PHE’s secret sauce—by young people for young people. They said doing our work in schools was good but not good enough. They wanted access anytime, anywhere, for anyone. We’ve been working to deliver on their amazing vision in partnership with young folx ever since--to help them learn about their health from near-peers and get connected to tailored resources.

The early version of the app has promising traction and is offering great resources to young people through early partnerships. We are also working to grow our presence on tiktok. A new version of the app comes out in April which will include a communities feature!"

Continuing with our Breaking Barriers series that is amplifying trailblazers in #behavioralhealth who have worked to expand access to mental health and substance use services through #innovation, #advocacy and/or new #technology.