Meet Dr. Troy R. Weekes, PhD, a Research Associate at Florida Institute of Technology

"I am a Research Associate with the L3Harris Institute for Assured Information at Florida Tech. I am working on the Flow Choice Architecture (FCA), which is an AI-powered bio-sensing and bio-feedback cognitive augmentation tool that seeks to improve knowledge workers' mental and physical health by increasing the time they spend in the deeply focused, effortless flow state. 

Knowledge workers perform non-routine cognitive tasks that require deep focus and creativity. My research builds empathy with knowledge workers so that FCA may enhance their work performance and emotional well-being. FCA is premised on the central hypothesis that if knowledge workers spend more time in flow and avoid stress-inducing distractions and attentional indecisiveness, they will improve their productivity and job satisfaction. Decreasing stress and increasing purposefulness leads to better mental and physical health. These benefits give individual knowledge workers a competitive advantage in the workplace. Within an organization, the widespread use of FCA could produce a transformation in the way knowledge work is done, increasing collaboration and cooperation, bringing additional benefits to knowledge-based industries and economic sectors."

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