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There are many new startups on the horizon aimed at the diagnosis, treatment, and access to care for Autism Spectrum Disorder. See what these five companies have to offer.

Behavioral health care is a rising concern, as is specific care for different behavioral health illnesses and disorders. Autism Spectrum Disorder is no different. There are many new startups on the horizon aimed at the diagnosis, treatment, and access to care for the disorder. See what these five companies have to offer in the ways of access to care and what they can do for those with autism.


Elemy focuses on helping to give the best support for children diagnosed with autism, as well as other behavioral health disorders. They do their part to connect families with care through technology. They offer access to therapists through proven treatments and AI-powered technologies. 

They use a whole-child care model that helps children succeed. They use a multidisciplinary clinical team that specializes in the entirety of childhood behavioral health. They can help to evaluate, diagnose, and build a holistic care plan, which they personalize to each child’s need. They support them every step of the way. They also promote better interaction between the care support team, the child, and their families. 

Akili Interactive Labs

Akili focuses on determining the root cause of cognitive impairment. They are creating personalized digital therapeutics engineered to improve cognitive impairments directly. The medicines and treatments are powered through decades of neuroscience and built with proprietary technology developed to target and treat cognitive impairments at the course. Each treatment is specifically designed for each patient to meet their individual needs. This tech-driven company is changing how healthcare and treatment are delivered, which looks and feels like a videogame. 

Axial Biotherapeutics

Axial connects the microbiome and neurology to improve lives. They are a leader in the biological role of the microbiome-gut-brain axis and its impact on neurological conditions. The company is uniquely positioned to advance a structurally differentiated therapeutic approach for the treatment of neurological diseases and disorders. Their programs are focused on the treatment of irritability in autism. 

EarliTech Diagnostics, INC

EarliTech uses clinically validated measures to create novel technologies that enable parents and providers to know where the child lies on the spectrum in order to tailor their treatment for the best personal outcome. They are working towards making early identification and the treatment of autism and related disorders more easily accessible to children everywhere. 


Springtide is an integrated, evidence-based autism center that seeks to transform the way families receive care. They offer personalized treatment plans for children 2-18 years old with autism. Their interdisciplinary team of specialists coordinates daily to track and help each child succeed. 

They focus on developing skills, maximizing the child’s learning potential, and integrative, team-based treatment. They also partner with families with parent support groups, parent coaching, care navigation, and extended hour to match families’ schedules.