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There is a $132B expected growth of the U.S. behavioral health market by 2027. Telosity released a comprehensive market guide that provides extensive industry research and actionable insights about the Wellness & Mental Health Opportunity.

Digital wellness is a $4.5T market, and mental health has a $6T global economic impact, with 970m individuals suffering with mental illness. There is a $132B expected growth of the U.S. behavioral health market by 2027. For digital wellness, we see prevention, sleep, nutrition, and activity as key. Telosity, a venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed and seed stage startups focused on digital wellness and mental health, has several exciting opportunities for our community. Read on to learn more about their newly-release digital wellness and mental health trends report, along with upcoming events below:

Highlights of Key Digital Wellness and Mental Health Trends:  

Telosity released a comprehensive market guide in Q3 that provides extensive industry research and actionable insights about the Wellness & Mental Health Opportunity. It serves as a tool for founders and investors to categorize and assess opportunities in the mental health digital arena.

The full report is available here.

Below are key themes that the market guide addresses:

Increasing innovation and technology are moving beyond teletherapy, with tech-enabled solutions having an impact at scale. 

  • 96% of all products developed by digital health ventures focused on mental health are mobile applications. 
  • 80% of adults would incorporate technology into their mental health routine
  • We are seeing more artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, internet of things sensors, wearables, personalization, and predictive solutions emerging.
  • Numerous studies have demonstrated that mobile apps are effective and potentially significant tools for the assessment, management, and treatment of youth mental health. 

Expanding needs are stimulating the rapid growth of mental health and digital wellness.

The needs and market are growing globally with estimates of:

  • $4.75 trillion global wellness market projected to grow to $7 trillion by 2025 
  • $1.2 trillion spent in the U.S. on wellness, by far the largest wellness market in the world 
  • $44 billion in losses in workplace productivity due to depression
  • $132B Expected growth of U.S. behavioral health market by 2027

Growing investments and venture capital in mental health and digital wellness since 2018 with record-breaking years:

  • Mental health investments overall have increased by 10x in 4 years since 2018.
  • Youth mental health and wellbeing investments have grown 15x since 2018.

There is an urgent demand for mental health solutions for young people. For investors and startups, there is an unprecedented opportunity to build significant and sustainable business models while doing good and making an impact.

Learn more in the complete market guide available now to download, including in-depth analysis, opportunity areas, startup guidance, and additional resources for you to explore.

Join us at Upcoming Programs 

Mental Health Forum: Join leaders in the mental health field to discuss both front-line experiences and investment opportunities. “Mental Health Front Lines and Investment” is brought to you by Sheri Mac Enterprises, Soul Centric Counseling, and Telosity Ventures. The hybrid event will feature keynotes and leaders in both the field of investment and mental health. At the in-person location, there will be networking as well as refreshments.

Telosity Happy Hour: This invite-only event is designed to foster new connections and meaningful discussions on the latest happenings in digital health and investments. In addition, this is a great opportunity to chat with the Telosity Ventures team about their recent market guide highlighting investment trends in companies targeting digital wellness and mental health.

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