Dr. Cori McMahon

Dr. Michael Boroff

Melissa Stöcker

Daniel Coyne

VP, Clinical Services, Tridiuum, part of New Directions Behavioral Health

Mental Health Program Manager, Crossover Health

Director, Quality, Vertava Health

Director, Utilization Review, Vertava Health


Dr. Varun Choudhary

Dr. Derrick Hull

Pablo McCabe

Chief Medical Officer, Talkspace

Research Director, Talkspace

SVP of Healthcare & Account Strategy, Talkspace


Lisa McLaughlin

Dr. Shelley Doumani-Semino

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Workit Health

Senior Medical Director BH Western Territories, Aetna, a CVS Health Company


Dr. Mimi Winsberg

Chief Medical Officer, Brightside


Tom Cassels

Missy Pittard

Rebecca Egger

President & General Manager, Rock Health

Co-Founder, Beaming Health

Co-Founder & CEO, Little Otter


Anjlee Joshi

Jessica Bell van der Wal

Crystal Adesanya

Layo George

Head of New Markets, Founding Team, Amae Health

Co-Founder & CEO, Frame Fertility

Founder, Kiira Health

Founder & CEO, Wolomi

Health Equity

Mark Rakowski

Monica Frederick

President, Children's Community Health Plan

Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Freespira


Dr. Tom Insel

Dr. Larry Ozowara

Carl Rorie Alexandrov

Co-Founder & Chair | Adjunct Professor | Advisor, MindSite News | Stanford University School of Medicine

Medical Director, Valera Health

Vice President Behavioral Health-Operations, CDPHP

Health Plan

Missy Krasner

Kyle Talcott

Venture Chair, Redesign Health

Founder & CEO, UpLift


David Cooper

Director, Global Mental Health, Teladoc Health

Holistic Health

Dani Bicknell

Elise Vierra

Dr. Katherine Grill

Senior Program Manager, Headstream, SecondMuse

Director of Content, Limbix

Co-Founder & CEO, Neolth


Dr. Robert Ashford

Founder & CEO, RecoveryLink

Peer Support

Ryan Hampton

Founder, Voices Project



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