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We talked with Co-Founder and CEO Sushant Gupta about how Meomind works, its benefits, and why this could be a possible path for future of scalable mental healthcare.

The shortage of mental health providers has reached critical levels, leaving countless individuals without timely access to the care they desperately need. To compound the issue, the lack of diversity and specialization in licensed professionals further exacerbates the challenges faced by marginalized populations. In response to these pressing concerns, Meomind offers an innovative solution that provides unlimited access to pre-recorded psychotherapy sessions, organized by topic areas, for individuals seeking mental health support.

We know the provider shortage situation is dire in mental health, but how bad is it, exactly? 

For every 1,000 individuals seeking psychotherapy, there are only 3 licensed mental health professionals available to provide care, resulting in many individuals being unable to access the help they need in a timely manner. This shortage is further exacerbated by the lack of licensed professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds and those with specific experience in working with POC and LGBTQI+ populations. 

I understand that Meomind provides unlimited access to pre-recorded psychotherapy sessions organized by the topic area between other clients and therapists. This is a really interesting approach! Tell us more about how it works.

Meomind is an app that provides access to 500+ pre-recorded evidence-based therapy sessions between licensed therapists and clients. These sessions are organized by topic areas, such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and more. 

When members open the app, they get a personalized therapy plan based on their demographics, presenting problems, and clinical assessment. Each session is typically between 10-30 minutes long and features a therapist guiding a client through a specific mental health concern. 

Members can listen to as many sessions as they like, and as often as they like. The therapists in each session are all licensed and experienced, and the sessions are recorded with the intention of providing clinical guidance and support. 

It's important to note that Meomind is not intended to replace one-on-one therapy. However, it can be a helpful supplement to therapy or a convenient and accessible option for members who may not have the time or resources to seek in-person therapy.   It also offers an innovative way to provide support to those that are looking for alternatives.

Meomind expands access to clinically-effective evidence-based mental health care while reducing costs and stigma.

What are common questions clients and health plans have with your model? 

Who is using it?

Meomind is an inclusive platform designed to serve a broad range of issues. It is also able to cater to a wider range of demographic populations such as teens, people of color, LGBTQ+, parents, etc. In general, Meomind's platform is designed to be accessible and inclusive and to support members with a wide range of life challenges. This includes those who may be experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, relationship issues, grief, parent/child issues, or other mental health challenges.

How has it benefited those who have used it?

80% of members using our program have shown significant improvement within 2-3 weeks of using Meomind. 30% have also reported a reduced need to access psychotherapy services independently. In addition, 42% have also reported an increase in their work productivity, while 48% indicated they feel less burned out at work.

What happens if someone has an urgent need for help while using it?

Meomind provides emergency resources and hotlines for members who need immediate support. These resources are available 24/7 and can be accessed directly from the Meomind platform. We also collaborate with the health plans to refer to their in-network provider resources. 

Are dependents covered?

Yes! All dependents are covered FREE of charge. They can all make their individual accounts on Meomind and the privacy of all members is protected.

Does Meomind replace therapy?

No. We designed Meomind to make therapy more accessible, NOT to replace traditional 1-on-1 therapy.

With Meomind, members listen to recorded therapy sessions with licensed mental health professionals. That means members get 24/7 access to evidence-based therapy, so members can explore our program at their own pace.

For some members, Meomind is enough on its own, while others use Meomind in addition to 1-on-1 therapy.

How is this the future of scalable mental healthcare?

Meomind leverages technology to provide on-demand mental health support that is accessible and affordable. Here are some key reasons why Meomind is the future of mental health:

  • Scalable: Meomind is designed to reach a large number of members simultaneously. Our platform can host and distribute a virtually unlimited number of pre-recorded therapy sessions making it possible to provide mental health support to a large number of people simultaneously.
  • Affordable: Meomind's platform can provide a cost-effective solution for payers and employers who are concerned about the long wait times their members often experience when trying to make appointments for therapy. 
  • Accessible: Meomind is available on-demand, 24/7, to anyone with a smartphone, making it a convenient option for members who may not be able to schedule in-person therapy sessions due to their work or personal schedules. This makes it possible for those who live in rural or remote areas, or who may not have access to mental health resources to receive support.
  • High quality: Meomind offers only the highest quality evidence-based sessions led by licensed mental health professionals. This approach has been found to have a significant clinical impact - over 80% of members report a reduction in anxiety and depression in 2-3 weeks. 30% also report a reduced intent to seek therapy. More than 50,000 members have used our program with a high satisfaction rating of 4.9 on the App Store. 
  • Innovative: Increasingly, health plans are forced to find ways to offer differentiation in products and services while finding ways to address access to care issues.  We believe our solution is an innovative way for health plans to demonstrate market differentiation while addressing access to care challenges.

Where can we learn more about Meomind? 

If you're interested in learning more about Meomind, you can visit our website at or check out our FAQs at If you want to see what our program looks like, feel free to check out our demo video here. If you have any specific questions, you can contact us directly through our website or via email at and set up a demo of our program.