change the conversation in behavioral health

The best problem solvers need to be talking to each other. Here’s how we’re building THE community to make that happen

The biggest problem in behavioral health right now isn’t a lack of tech, tools, or even resources. 

It’s a lack of connection.

And even though we’ve seen an influx of investment, unprecedented technological innovation, and widespread adoption in recent years, behavioral health is still largely defined by systemic inefficiencies, overly siloed specialties, and the simple fact that many of today’s industry-leading stakeholders aren’t connecting with each other to tackle the challenges facing the rapidly shifting marketplace.

But we want to change that.

Employers, health plans, and health systems are hungry for meaningful partnerships that will improve the access, quality, equity, and scope of mental health outcomes for everyone who needs mental health care and addiction treatment.

So we’re building a platform for them to do exactly that.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of employers, health plans, health systems, community-based behavioral health providers, digital health companies, investors, policy makers, and behavioral health providers to create the largest — and most efficient — community in behavioral health today; a hub where meaningful, and lasting partnerships can occur.

Here’s why communication is so essential to driving innovation in behavioral health and how you can join the community that’s shaping the future of behavioral health.

Building THE Behavioral Health Community

The unfortunate reality is that today’s behavioral health marketplace is not efficient enough to handle the current pace of innovation. Because when innovation — especially technology solutions  — outpace integration, inertia sets in.

Today’s decision-makers are barraged by a never-ending stream of point solutions without the tools and connections to find effective partnerships and drive meaningful clinical or financial outcomes. So we’re building a community to help leaders filter through the noise to find the signals that matter to them.

At Behavioral Health Tech, we recognize that technology has a role in connecting people, increasing quality of care, and improving accessibility for everyone, but you don’t have to build the next big app or platform to transform behavioral health. Technology is only part of the path to innovation.

Breakthroughs can come from something as “low-tech” as a novel payment model, new clinical workflows, or more equitable staffing models and partnership with new stakeholders. These creative partnerships drive the kind of adoption-at-scale that we need to meaningfully increase the access, quality, and equity of behavioral and mental healthcare and addictions treatment for everyone who needs it.

Innovative collaboration starts by connecting a diverse community of leaders in an active, data-driven space where ideas can grow and change into the next big thing. That’s why we’re launching exciting new initiatives to facilitate partnerships and expand access within the community to create a new hub for innovations across the full spectrum of the behavioral health marketplace.

Our Focus: Industry Insights & Lasting Connections 

You’ve probably heard about our annual industry-leading conference  — the best behavioral health event in the world — and we’re going bigger and better than ever for 2024 with a roster of top tier speakers, insightful panels, and leaders from every sector of the industry. (Get your tickets here before they sell out!). But there’s so much that we offer to this community throughout the year (with even more to come soon!)

Our library of white papers and behavioral health market research provide actionable industry insights from our extensive partner network on everything from preferred payment models and employer health benefit packages to digital health vendor portfolios and the current state of value based care.

We connect tens of thousands of professionals and providers through in-person events, expert webinars, hundreds of in-depth, community-led behavioral health blogs, and our industry-leading newsletter

A Better Place for Conversations Around Behavioral Health 

What started as just an idea a few years ago during the pandemic has blossomed into a leading community spanning the mental health, substance use, and intellectual and developmental disabilities ecosystem. We’re extremely proud of the community and culture of innovation we’ve built so far.

But we’re just getting started.

We’d love to hear from you about how we can best serve your needs and connect you with partners who can help you expand access to behavioral healthcare to everyone. 

Sign up for our newsletter or learn about our annual conference this November, to join thousands of others in the community as we accelerate the partnerships that are shaping the future of behavioral health.