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In California, Alter Health Group is working towards bridging this gap through its innovative approach to mental health care.

Mental and emotional well-being are integral components of an individual's overall health. The ongoing pandemic has further intensified the need for accessible and affordable mental health support services. However, despite increased awareness and resources, individuals still face significant barriers when it comes to accessing quality mental health support services.

In 2020, Alter Health Group was awarded a federal grant that allowed them to provide over 35,000 encounters for free. As a multi-grant recipient, they have conducted extensive research and analysis to ensure the efficacy of the care they provide and the positive outcomes for their clients. Their scientific approach, utilizing sub-clinical staff and measuring outcomes through their Care Predictor and Strategic Alliance Inventory (SAI), ensures that their clients receive high-quality care. Under the leadership of Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Loren Martin, groundbreaking research has been conducted to develop the Care Predictor. Driven by the curiosity to quantify the level of care offered by our agency and measure empathy, Dr. Martin discovered a scientifically validated method to achieve this goal.

The Care Predictor evaluates the care provider's attributes and forecasts their ability to create and sustain a therapeutic alliance with the care seeker. This approach ensures that establishing and maintaining such an alliance remains a top priority. Alter Health Group's care providers have excelled in this regard, achieving an impressive average score of 4.5 out of 5. This puts them in the 87th percentile, demonstrating their exceptional ability to foster and maintain strong therapeutic relationships.

Alter Health Group was recently awarded a $5M grant in service from the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) to provide chat-based support with the BeWellLine to provide voice-based support. Tell us more!

Recently, Alter Health Group was awarded a $5M grant to partner with CalHOPE, a statewide effort that provides behavioral health crisis counseling services to adolescents, college-aged individuals, and those who require long-term or chronic support after a treatment episode. Through this partnership between Alter Health Group and CalHOPE, Alter Health Group will provide 24/7 support with a staff of 70 peers who offer video, chat, and call-based support for mental wellness and emotional support. They will offer these services through their free emotional support line, the BeWellLine and their virtual platform, Mindfuli, which enables peer counselors to refer help seekers to higher levels of care as needed, connecting them to a personalized mental health provider in minutes.

How will the Mindfuli platform be leveraged to provide free ongoing virtual peer counseling services to people struggling with suicide, addiction, and mental illness?

The Mindfuli platform allows individuals to schedule appointments with care providers for ongoing support. It utilizes measurement-based care to assess through a diagnostic approach, which leads to better-informed care providers and better engagement. The data-informed approach ensures all stakeholders use the information to provide person-centric care. The virtual platform provides better access and equity to care, especially for individuals living in remote rural locations. Through video support, clients receive better connection and support.

Additionally, 24/7 chat support and call-based services are available in crisis situations. The virtual platform also offers access to virtual groups and a comprehensive, culturally-informed list of groups to provide group settings for individuals going through similar issues. And the best part? This service is provided for free!

Alter Health Group's approach is designed to meet individuals where they're at, offering early intervention and support to prevent escalation and avoid emergency room visits or psychiatric hospitalizations. Prevention is a key factor in their approach, and their free resources provide a diversion effectively. If individuals need to be referred to a higher level of care, they can refer clients to appropriate resources after triaging.

Where can Californians learn more about how to access the service, or how can providers in the state learn more about sharing this free resource with their clients?

Accessing Care:

Californians can learn more about accessing these free mental health services by visiting their website at Individuals who need support can also call the BeWellLine at 866-349-6854. 

Partnership Opportunities:

BeWellLine is looking for organizations that want to join the mission of supporting adolescents, college-aged individuals, and those who require long-term/chronic support after a treatment episode with these free resources. Organizations including schools, non-profits, behavioral health organizations, and treatment providers can partner with Alter Health Group to provide this free support. The services must be provided to Californians. To get in touch, please email