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Did you know that it was possible for genes to prohibit your medication from working?

This is a relatively new understanding, but we do know that it is possible to have medicine that does not work with your genetic makeup. Luckily there are companies out there that evaluate your DNA and genetic makeup to help you utilize the right medication for your DNA. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this revolutionary advancement in medicine. This kind of testing is called pharmacogenetic testing and is clinically proven and offers genetic-based testing to help you gain an understanding of what medication may work best for you.


Our genetic makeup has been scientifically proven to be linked to how medications work for us. Every year people are injured or stop taking medication altogether due to side effects or lack of response to medications. Millions of dollars are lost to this chronic cycle of medication loss and poor response. By utilizing Genomind’s Innovative and Precision Health technology, we are able to unlock our body’s ability to respond to medication so that we can receive personalized treatment. This allows us to improve quality of life, reduce costs, and increase the overall satisfaction of our care. 

Every year there are an estimated 3.2 million hospital and ER visits due to adverse drug events. This is the fourth leading cause of death in the US. More than 50% of our patients are non-adherent to medications due to side effects or lack of response to a medication. Over 528 billion dollars annually are spent on the wrong drugs and missed doses, incorrect regimens, and adverse drug interactions. Over 52% of all patient adverse drug reactions are deemed preventable. Only by using our gene structure to evaluate our medication response will we be able to cut down on these numbers and make a change for the better in our lives

Genomind is used from the healthcare provider side of medicine and can be used to manage medications for individual patients or large populations. It can also track and assess each patient’s genetics to personalize and correct dosing and medication choices.


Genesight psychotropic is a pharmacogenetic test that analyzes how your genes may affect medication outcomes. The Genesight test analyzes clinically important genetic variations in your DNA. The results from these kinds of tests can inform and assist your provider in how you break down or respond to certain medications that are often used to treat depression, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other psychiatric conditions. The Genesight test must be ordered by doctors or nurse practitioners. The test is a simple cheek swab that is taken in your healthcare provider’s office. There is also the availability to take this test in the convenience of your own home. 

There are many benefits to using pharmacogenetic testing. Genesight, when used in conjunction with your mental health provider, can potentially give you the best outcome for your genetic makeup and the medications that may work best for you. Their testing may allow you to avoid unnecessary medication use and may stop you from spending unnecessary money on medications that will not work for you or are potentially harmful to you. 


Clarity X offers two forms of genetic testing that can be used to answer questions as to how your body will respond to mental health medications. The response also will recommend the best medications based on your genetic makeup. They also offer testing that will assess your genetic response in other areas of medicine as well, aside from mental health. These breakthroughs in genetic testing can help to keep patients safer and healthier and can help avoid the risk the medication waste, provider time waste, as well as patient time waste. Matching you with the right medication is simply better for everyone. 


Inagene is a digital health company that offers personal testing kits to help you assess your genetic response to medication. They offer several different kits, which are called personal Insight tests. They will evaluate your genetic makeup and predict your responses to different medications used for pain or mental health conditions. These tests help to ensure any medication that you are prescribed for different medical conditions will be safe and effective for you as an individual. 

Inagene takes a unique perspective on pharmacogenetic testing and puts the testing in your control, and allows you to assess which medications will or will not work for you. This company allows you to track and follow your genetic response and predictive responses to different medications.